You can use this website to change your property from Joint owners to Tenants in Common in equal shares using this website for as little as £89. For this fee we produce the necessary Land Registry SEV form fully completed except for your signature and the Date.

We also send you a Declaration of Severance for you and the other Joint Owners to sign and keep. Both of these documents come with full signing instructions and further instructions on which Land Registry office to post the SEV form to.

Changing to Tenants in Common has never been so easy and we should know, we've been carrying out this vital service for thousands of clients over the last 12 years.
The benefits of changing to Tenants in Common are:
  1. It can help protect your whole property from being taken to pay for the cost of long term care.
  2. It can ensure that your half of your house eventually goes to your children even if your widow re-marries. (A well written Will is required to ensure this, please call for further details)
  3. Your surviving spouse could have more children by a new partner which would dilute your own children's inheritance.
  4. If you are declared bankrupt then your asset base is reduced.
  5. You can say who your half of your house goes to in your will. (You are not able to do this if you own your house as Joint owners as the surviving owner inherits the whole house by survivorship no matter what it says in your will!)
Our Legal Team will provide you with helpful advice and all the legal documents that you will need at a highly competative price.
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